CCTV In South Auckland Is Beneficial for Security And Crime Prevention

CCTV surveillance is a controversial topic, especially considering the growth of crime in other areas of Auckland. However, the number of crimes reported in South Auckland has significantly increased in the last few years, particularly in areas such as Papakura and Ponsonby. In June 2021, it was reported that there had been an unprecedented spike in residential burglaries in Auckland, with almost one hundred burglaries being reported each day. Auckland City Council blamed the increases on an increase in the number of car prowlers. CCTV in South Auckland from DS Systems has the capacity to deter crime and could be a highly effective tool in stopping the problem. In this article we take a look at CCTV in South Auckland and how it can be used to combat crime in your community.

CCTV in South Auckland refers to closed circuit television cameras that are strategically placed around the city. These cameras are operated by a CCTV operator who also monitors security footage and coordinates with police stations when necessary. CCTV cameras provide the council with evidence if crime does occur and act as a deterrent for crime. By using CCTV cameras surveillance not only can it reduce the amount of crime in your area, but it can also help apprehend perpetrators, monitor crimes when they occur, and in some instances can even catch perpetrators after the crime has been committed.

CCTV in South Auckland are usually used in high crime areas where the CCTV cameras can monitor the area 24 hours a day. A CCTV system should be strategically positioned and watched all night, but this is not always possible due to the nature of crime. If you live in an area that is prone to crime such as Papakura or Ponsonby, then you will probably need CCTV cameras surveillance. If you live in an area that is less prone to crime such as Manukau or Rodney, then you may not need a CCTV camera.

When a CCTV camera is strategically placed around a building it can often be seen from any part of the building. This makes it easier to identify suspects in case there is any type of crime taking place in the area. CCTV can also be used in a number of other ways in South Auckland. In the same way as it can be used in areas prone to crime, CCTV can be used as a security measure in your home. You can install CCTV cameras at all entrances and exits to your home and monitor whether anyone is trying to get in or out.

CCTV in South Auckland can also be used as a deterrent against crime. CCTV cameras can be placed at intersections and locations that are known to be frequented by criminals such as buses, schools, shopping centres, banks and other businesses. If a criminal thinks that he is being watched, he may be less likely to commit a crime in that area.

CCTV in South Auckland is also useful when it comes to crime monitoring. If a crime occurs in a public place such as in a supermarket, petrol pump, public parking lot, on a street or in a building, then you can use the CCTV cameras to film the perpetrator and then film his reaction to the camera. You can then later review the footage and determine if you want to pursue the case. You could then obtain further evidence to file the police report and apprehend the suspect.

CCTV in South Auckland has many benefits and uses and is very affordable. Most of the companies providing CCTV surveillance in South Auckland offer a one-off installation fee, which is normally only $500. Companies may also offer a monthly monitoring contract which is more cost-effective than hiring several CCTV cameras.